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Premium Social Engine 4 Plugins
Premium Social Engine 4 Plugins


Flash Games Arcade

Integrate the leading flash games library directly into your Social Engine community! Give your site users an entertaining experience that will have them logging back into your site everyday. This plugin will not only attract new users to your site, it will give your current users a reason to keep your site at the top of their list. You’ll also have many users recommending your community to their friends for the great games plus they’ll have the ability to compete with each other for scores and achievements. You will earn money from every game play and item purchase. You’ll also have access to the analytics solution built directly into the games, so you can see the most popular games and how much you’ve made from them.

We are constantly updating this plugin to incorporate all suggestions and to suit every kind of website. If you are not satisfied with the current plugin, let us know, and we’ll make sure it has everything you want. There has been so much demand for this plugin, we decided to release it early while still developing many features. Don’t wait until it gets better, be a part of it! Contribute to building the best game plugin out there, and enjoy the stream of free updates that are seemingly endless! The installation as well as any updates are a breeze to install with the package manager. Simply install the .tar file we provide. All of the files, any changes, and permissions will automatically installed by the package manager. We’ll even do it for you!

Current Key Features
  • New, stylish games listing page
  • Unlimited game categories
  • Featured games slide show - you choose which games
  • New and Most Popular Game Lists
  • Easy game play pages
  • Search for games
  • Simply import 29,000+ games from MochiMedia without the hassle of files
  • Supports MochiMedia Games by category
  • Includes over 255 multiplayer MochiMedia games
  • Earn cash with MochiMedia game ads and virtual item sales
  • Track which games are the most popular and how much you’ve made from them
  • Admin panel with many customizable features and options
  • Easily installation & updates via the Social Engine Package Manager
  • Unlimited Support and Future Updates!
Free Future Features In Development:
  • Ability to use game packs and embed games from around the web
  • Privacy controls and game filtering
  • Specific settings based on user level
  • Full homepage integration
  • Profile favorite and scores integration
  • Social sharing of games and scores
  • Report abuse button for individual games
  • Game 5 star rating and lists for highest rated
  • Game comments and moderation
  • Activity feed integration for user and homepage that include scores and news
  • Site highscores as well as global leaderboards
  • Arcade global statistics, most active user, game news and other widgets
  • User challenges and tournaments
  • SEO optimization
  • Featured Games slide show widgets
  • Full Multilanguage Support


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